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November 11, 2017

Update Nov 14, 9:20 a.m.   This item is still on the agenda for tonight.  According to the city's Project Planner, Mark Hungerford, there has been no further postponement.

Take advantage of recent protests!  Because many groups are beginning to speak up about City policies on density and parking, we may just have a chance to get the City to stop approving new buildings without enough parking.   

City Council has the power to change the City's direction.  On October 24th, many people showed up to speak to City Council in protest of the approval of 320 Alamitos due to the lack of parking.  Thank you!!  After people were already at the hearing, they were told that it had been postpon...

October 28, 2017

There will be a Planning Commission hearing November 2nd to approve of a new building at 135 Linden (see notice here).  Once again, downtown's low parking requirements mean that there won't be enough parking for the new residents & businesses plus a parking lot will disappear.  

The following is a letter that we sent to KOA (parking planners) and the city staff that is working on the parking study, just to make sure everyone involved is informed about what's happening.

Hello again,
This is to let you know that now is a particularly good time to update the Planning Commission.   Many people are frustrated right now because of what's happening in the process to approve new buildings downtown that...

September 23, 2017

Could this parking study actually work?

That sounds like an odd question coming from us considering all of the effort we put into this.   Our previous experience with the City is that even when it sounded like someone might help, the follow-up usually wasn't there.  We now know that there is a strong push among some at the City to purposely cut down on parking in an effort to cut down on vehicles.  

After our meeting yesterday with KOA (the firm doing the parking study) and City Staff members (different than the usual ones), we are cautiously optimistic.  The group of people at that meeting all seemed genuinely enthusiastic about finding a well-balanced, comprehensive collection of s...

September 10, 2017

320 Alamitos

An appeal was filed Warren Blesofsky against the 320 Alamitos project.  There's an article at LBreport.com here. 

Update:  City Council will hear this appeal on October 24.  It was postponed from the original October 17th date at the applicant's request (the developer).  Please plan to attend this hearing to speak or write to your City Council member asking that they stand up to this craziness, deny approval of this project, and demand a review of the Downtown Plan's parking regulations. They can ask the parking study firm that they hired, KOA, for recommendations.

Find your council member here: http://www.longbeach.gov/globalassets/ti/media-library/documents/gis/map-catal...

August 19, 2017

Keep in mind that this isn't about one project.   The City has been doing the same on many projects and will continue.  There will now be 4 huge projects on Alamitos between Ocean and 3rd street that took away parking lots and won't have enough parking for the new residents and businesses.

The Planning Commission voted 4 to 0 to approve the site plans for 320 Alamitos.  One "friendly amendment" was added once the developer's rep agreed to it.  It says that the project will make any excess parking available to the public at market rates.

Many people came to the hearing.  Most of those spoke passionately in opposition to the project because of the lack of parking.  People hadn't hea...

July 12, 2017

For info about the parking in this project, see the 320 Alamitos tab.

Update!  The hearing date has been postponed to August 17th. Watch here for more updates.

We've explained on this site how the Downtown Plan's parking requirements are rapidly making parking worse.  A few people contacted us and posted on nextdoor.com because the City sent residents a Notice of Public Hearing in the mail.  The notice tells of a Planning Commission hearing for approval of another new building coming soon to 320 Alamitos.  (Remember - the date on this notice has changed to August 17.)  People are very concerned that this building takes away a large parking lot, then the new building doesn't provide enough p...

July 9, 2017

The City is considering an ordinance to regulate Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs are also called Granny Flats.)   It will determine how much parking property owners must provide if they want to add a small home in their yard.  

The June 1st Planning Commission hearing was continued until July 6 because Commissioners asked staff for more info on parking and unit size.  This was a big deal because they stood firm to get more parking to prevent new homes from adding cars to the street parking!

The State passed a mandate on Accessory Dwelling Units that went into effect January 1 (AB2299).   The intent is to increase housing.  State mandates say that any R-1 zoned lot of 4,80...

June 17, 2017

A disturbing number of developments tell us that the City is proceeding with its plans to not just ignore parking but to actively cut down on parking in many areas of Long Beach.  We understand the issues but the City's current direction will do a great deal of harm.  There are better solutions.  Write letters to let City leaders know you want change.  Stay informed so you know how you can take further action.  

LB TAPS hires parking and TOD consultant.

The parking study that was the result of our lawsuits will soon begin, conducted by KOA.  We recommended to City staff that they hire someone to oversee data collection, help the City with program implementation, and train City staff....

May 26, 2017

The summary for you busy people...

Tuesday night at about 11:30 pm, City Council approved KOA as the firm to do the parking study.   KOA should be under contract within 30 days. According to their proposal, they will have an outreach meeting early in the process that will include the City, residents, and businesses.

While City Staff chose the parking consultant, TAPS researched and participated as much as we were allowed to do so.   We agree that KOA is a good choice.   There was a big difference between the proposals.   Some geared their studies toward supporting city policies and used public meetings to "educate" the public.   Others like KOA planned to review all aspects including City policies.   KOA...

May 12, 2017

TAPS received notice that City Staff chose the parking planning firm KOA to do the parking study, which was one of our top picks!   We were quite surprised considering how this battle has gone so far.  
We had provided our evaluation of the proposals to City Staff.   We don't know if they listened or whether there were other deciding factors.

The final decision will come when City Council votes on May 23, 2017.   Some of you were prepared to protest at that meeting if they chose one of the firms that seemed intent on supporting city policies rather than evaluating those policies.   It appears no protest is needed!

We need to wait to give you details of the proposal until we...

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