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Who is Long Beach TAPS?

When we began, we were just a few residents who wondered why city officials were about to approve a huge new building with a very low amount of parking.  The more we researched what was happening Downtown, the less sense it made.  We heard about parking issues happening throughout the city, yet there were more plans to add density with no plans for adequate parking.  

Long Beach TAPS (Transportation And Parking Solutions) was founded for the express purpose of solving the parking dilemmas in Long Beach, California.  We are a non-profit corporation with a Board, attorneys (Channel Law Group, Jamie T Hall), and a parking consultant (Mike Kodama).  We don’t have a formal membership and do not ask for money.  We’ve had probably over 4,000 people who have signed the petitions and Declarations, written letters, come to City meetings, joined our email updates list, and helped in other ways.  These people are all Long Beach residents, property owners, business owners, and community leaders.  We communicate with people via email, phone, and social media.


Mike laura me Jason.jpg

Mike Kodama, Laura, Debbie Dobias, Jason Harris

Our goals


  • To work together as partners with the City to improve the quality of life  (We won't make money from this.)  

  • To have the City treat Parking as a valuable community asset that can help the entire area improve

  • To make Long Beach accessible to all users through multiple modes of transportation

  • Parking system should support businesses and prioritize residential parking for residents


To accomplish these things, a comprehensive parking plan needs to be in place that considers all aspects of parking and that is based upon recent local data.  This will require a parking study plus it will require city involvement to execute the plan and to change some city policies.  

Update:  after the city gutted the parking study, we're pretty sure they have no intentions of planning for residential parking.  They want to reduce parking for residents regardless of how much is needed.


We can't do it alone.   If you want parking improvements, write a letter or take other action when we tell you it’s time to do so.  Watch the updates tab or get on our email list.

2020 Voters and City Council candidates:

You can see a summary of the solutions proposed by parking planners and the city's refusal to act if you go here. 

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