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We do not need donations. 


Grumble about the parking much?   

The public has helped us to make progress by signing petitions & Declarations, using social media,  writing letters, and attending hearings.  Participate in whatever way appeals to you.   

Watch for updates so you know when to pass the word or participate - 

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watch for updates

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Social Media - Spread the word about this effort.  Send people to

Facebook - follow, share, re-post and/or "like" us. - Since all of Long Beach will soon be affected by changing city policies, we encourage you to post about our parking efforts.  We are only able to reach our area.  



Send letters to newspapers -   If you think it's crazy for the city to actively choke off parking, tell the newspaper.  If they want more info, we can provide it or we can send them to the parking consultant.

Write your letter to city leaders.  You can see some of the earlier letters here.

Send your letter to these addresses:

The petitions.  Anyone who owns property in Long Beach or LB resident can sign either petition. 


Petition 1.  Please sign if you haven't already done so.  Most of the things that we asked for in this petition remain undone in late 2018.  We left the petition active but we stopped promoting it in late 2016 because the City didn't listen at all to the  1200 signatures and over 600 comments that we already had.

Parking Petition 2 asks our city leaders to get better evaluation and solutions from the parking study for our area.  Update:  We didn't promote this petition because the city gutted the parking study, refusing to honor the settlement agreement that they signed.  They simply refused to listen to even their own professionals.

Our online letter to City Leaders.  We took it down.  The signatures and comments were turned in to the Planning Commission and City Council more than once but had no effect that we know of.






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