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TAPS has resolved the dispute with Sares-Regis, the developer of the project. Therefore, TAPS will appear at tonight’s Planning Commission hearing and state that we no longer oppose the project.

Over the last month, we have met with both Sares-Regis and the City’s Development Services Department (along with our attorneys). The applicant has volunteered additional parking, mitigating our concerns. Additionally, Sares-Regis has agreed to assist us in our efforts to effect parking solutions for area residents, including, for example, by helping to commission a Strategic Parking Plan (“Plan”), which will analyze solutions to the severe parking problem in the area.

Solving these parking problems can be achieved, but it will take thorough analysis, creative thinking, and a willingness to proactively engage with the City and our elected leaders. TAPS is committed to this mission and believes that resolution of the instant dispute is a step in the right direction.

We appreciate your interest in this project and look forward to working with you in the future toward creating a better Long Beach.

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