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TAPS (Transportation And Parking Solutions) was founded for the express purpose of solving the parking dilemmas in the City.

In November, our attorneys (Jamie Hall from the Channel Law Group) submitted a fairly lengthy letter to the City last month objecting to the proposed project at 101 Alamitos. We also coordinated the signing of numerous declarations, which were submitted to the City. We informed area residents and property owners via email blasts and flyers so that they would know about the hearings and to write letters to the City. TAPS was motivated to take these actions out of concern that the Project would exacerbate the current parking problems in the area.

We met with both the applicant (developer) and the City’s Development Services Department. The applicant has volunteered additional parking, mitigating our concerns. Additionally, the applicant has agreed to assist TAPS in its efforts to effect parking solutions for area residents, including, for example, by helping us to commission a Strategic Parking Plan (“Plan”), which will analyze solutions to the severe parking problem in the area. As a result, TAPS no longer opposes the Project. We sincerely appreciate the developer's willingness to work with us toward a solution for our community.

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