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Some of you may be interested and encouraged by the Planning Commission's comments after the hearing on 101 Alamitos last Thursday. During the hearing and after, Commission members referred to letters they had received from the public. After the hearing, they began to discuss whether they need to study the parking problem in our area and revisit the low parking requirements in the Downtown Plan! It was quite a surprise after City Council's outright rejection 2 years ago. The Planning Commission cannot change the city requirements; only City Council or a ballot initiative can do that. However, the Planning Commission can analyze and make recommendations, a first step.

The Planning Commission was not allowed to discuss the matter in depth Thursday because it was not on the agenda. They made some good comments, though, and requested that it be put on an agenda and be considered in next year's budget.

The video of that meeting is now online.

If you only want to see the the commission's discussion after the hearing for 101 Alamitos, it starts at 1:21:51

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