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Ask John Oliver to give us some Comic Relief!

Comedian John Oliver has a show on HBO called Last Week Tonight. His show does in-depth commentary on the crazy things in government, kind of comedy of the absurd. That pretty much fits the City's attitude about choking off our parking. In our continuing effort to get our city leaders to stop irresponsible development and making impacted parking worse, TAPS has been reaching out to all types of media. We are asking people to write to the show asking them to do a story on how the City is actively taking away an entire area's ability to drive. To submit a show idea for Last Week Tonight, one can write to HBO by filling out a form online, then they forward it to show staff. Here is the link to the form. Fill in the subject line with something that sparks their interest. We said, "show idea - Long Beach actively chokes off parking". There was also a box to say which show. In the form that TAPS sent, we offered to provide research documents and our parking consultant and lawyers. If you want to include an invitation for them to contact us, feel free. Thank you neighbors for your continued support as we try to Get SMART development in our city.

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