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Good meeting with Public Works Director!

On Tuesday TAPS met with Craig Beck, the Public Works director. He has 30 years of experience with the City in various roles. He's been Director of Public works since March. This guy was clearly a problem solver at heart. He also has experience working with community groups, which shows. He clearly understood more about the complexities of the parking issues than most people.

Of course, this was our first meeting with him so where it will lead is unknown. These are probably the most important things that came out of that meeting.

1. He understands details of the issue and sees that more can be done.

2. He agrees that a parking manager is needed, although it might come under a different umbrella position.

3. He understands the need for data before making programs or policy.

4. He said he would talk to Mike Kodama, the parking planner that we hired to do a preliminary evaluation.

Here are some things that Public Works are already considering or working on. Some of these will aid in a successful comprehensive Parking Plan if we get one.

A. Easy Park LB - They are working on the app that will help people find parking in city garages, and eventually private parking lots.

B. The 4 a.m. street sweeping changes are still being made west of Alamitos. The reason it has taken so long is due to conflicts with trash pickups and the lack of software to help them organize the new sweeper routes.

C. Convention Center lot- They are looking into possibly allowing residents to use this. The Coastal Commission would be involved.

D. EV Car Share - They hope to start a pilot program for this in city garages.

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