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Community Budget Meeting

Fill out this survey.

Tell the City that you want parking improvements included in the budget!

Pass it around.

The survey does not show parking as an option so you must write it in the box at the bottom. The quickest way is to ask them to budget for a "comprehensive Parking Plan and review of the parking regulations". Filling out the rest of the survey is your option.

Last night's budget meeting at Bixby Park was one of several community outreach meetings the city is holding regarding the 2017 city budget.

TAPS looked over that budget before this meeting. There was no reference to funding a parking study or Parking Plan or funding a review of parking regulations. As we saw, the budget was the primary reason that the Planning Commission was unable to review those parking regulations or even hold their study session on parking this year, despite their requests.

Many people showed up to last night's meeting to ask them to include a plan to improve parking in the budget. We were told that only one person could speak briefly on a given subject, which was understandable considering all budget subjects were included in this meeting. We chose Jeffrey Thompson of the Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association Parking Task Force to speak for parking.

Jeffrey requested that the budget include funding for a comprehensive Parking Plan. The response was to say we took the first step by showing up to let them know. She also said that it would mean taking funding from other projects.

The budget has lots of parking revenue (the income that comes from tickets, meters, etc.). That money goes back into the General Fund and to Business Improvement Districts.

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