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No parking in budget yet.

Fill out this survey.

Tell the City that you want parking improvements included in the budget! Pass it around. City staff did say they were keeping the online Budget Priority Survey up to collect more input from the community.

The survey does not show parking as an option so you must write it in the box at the bottom. The quickest way is to ask them to budget for a "comprehensive Parking Plan and review of the parking regulations". Filling out the rest of the survey is your option.

At the Budget Oversight Committee meeting, they discussed the budget survey results. They mentioned that within the optional comments box, parking was the most mentioned subject. Under 400 surveys had been returned both online and at community meetings. Committee members mentioned how helpful it is to them to hear from the public about these subjects. Hopefully they will also note the over 940 signatures, over 450 comments, and letters that we sent to them.

Budget Oversight Committee Meeting

We have no indication yet as to whether a Parking consultant, Study, and Plan will be included in the budget. TAPS attended both the Budget Oversight Committee meeting and the City Council budget meeting on Tuesday. Our information was presented by 3 of us: Debbie Dobias, TAPS Board of Directors Jeffrey Thompson, ABNA Parking Task Force President and TAPS member Sharon Brown, Pre- TAPS group Founder Many people spoke to advocate for budget funding on many different subjects. On a number of subjects, Committee members mentioned the need for data to be used while making good decisions. Since basing a Parking Plan and parking regulations on data was a central part of our request, we hope they will recommend funding for a parking study.

City Council meeting The City Council meeting had many presentations from staff on several subjects. During the public comment portion for the budget, we again gave our presentation as did many other people advocating for budget funding. In the end, the final vote on the budget was postponed. On September 13, there will be another Budget Oversight Committee at 4 pm and then presumably a final City Council vote at their 5 pm meeting.

Thank you to all the people who came to support parking.

These were tough meetings to sit through! It was important that we showed city leaders that people care so your effort was appreciated.

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