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Meeting with 2D Council staff

On February 28th, we had an appointment with the Second District Council Member Jeannine Pearce. We met with her new Chief of Staff Christian Kropff and her Field Deputy Milton Duena. We left the meeting very encouraged that they will help!

They have worked on the following things to improve parking:

  • Find streets that may accommodate diagonal parking, possibly by making streets one-way.

  • Make 200 - 300 privately owned spaces available to the public through the Pied Parker App.

  • Get Uber to offer Alamitos Beach a lower flate rate of perhaps $4 to take people from their parking to their homes. This could be done by Geo-fencing Alamitos Beach on their system.

All of those things will give us a head start on improvements once the parking study and its recommendations are complete.

We spoke about the upcoming parking study. They are interested in being involved during the parking study and also in helping with some of the things that the parking study cannot do. They said they would contact Mike Kodama soon to ask more questions.

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