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Appeal of 320 Alamitos and parking study meeting

320 Alamitos

An appeal was filed Warren Blesofsky against the 320 Alamitos project. There's an article at here.

Update: City Council will hear this appeal on October 24. It was postponed from the original October 17th date at the applicant's request (the developer). Please plan to attend this hearing to speak or write to your City Council member asking that they stand up to this craziness, deny approval of this project, and demand a review of the Downtown Plan's parking regulations. They can ask the parking study firm that they hired, KOA, for recommendations.

Find your council member here:

For the email address to your councilmember, enter your district number in this format: (for instance, most of Alamitos Beach is

Because City Staff led the commission to think they had no legal grounds to deny their recommendation for this project,

TAPS sent a letter to the Commission telling them why they do have legal grounds and asking that they make a motion to reconsider the decision based on new information. A motion to reconsider is different than an appeal because it goes back to the Planning Commission rather than the City Council. We received no response. We checked the video of the next Commission meeting (September 7). There was no mention of a reconsideration.

Parking Study

TAPS will meet with City staff and KOA (the firm doing the parking study) on September 20. We should have more information afterwards regarding first steps and any public input meetings.

Sidewalk parking is becoming all the rage! (or the relief from rage...)

Sidewalk parking is becoming all the rage!  (or the relief from rage)

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