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Parking study meetings


There are two very important meetings coming up and the parking study needs your support. One on January 22nd, and the other on Feb 8th.

The City of Long Beach hired parking planners KOA, per our lawsuit agreement, to evaluate the parking needs / issues within both Downtown Long Beach and Alamitos Beach. As part of our study, we are asking the general public and neighborhood associations to help by filling out a brief survey. This is to give KOA (and us) a better understanding of, and data-supported look at, the parking situation within the study areas.

Please show up and bring a friend to fill out this survey. This may be your only chance to express your parking questions and concerns to the people who could help. We are uncertain whether they will have an online survey as planned. If they do, we will post here.

Business Associations: If you have not received an invitation to meet with KOA yet, please contact us.

Meeting Info:

These are Community association meetings and not specifically parking meetings. Please respect their agenda. We cannot take up their whole meeting! This is not a meeting to debate the many aspects of the parking issue. It is a place where you can fill out the survey to provide the info that the parking study needs and hopefully ask questions.

If you don't see your own neighborhood association's meeting below, you are welcome to these 2 meetings that are shown. However, we encourage you to ask your own association to have KOA to one of their meetings soon so people in your area can participate.

First meeting: ORCA.

Attendance from non-ORCA members is limited to 20 people.

Please email us to tell us if you are coming.

Second meeting: ABNA (Alamitos Beach Neighborhood Association

will hold their meeting Thursday, February 8th at 7 pm,

Bixby Park Community Center (Address: 130 Cherry Ave)

For more information on the study, please follow this link.

Please help spread the word.

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