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Online parking study survey!

NOW! This is an opportunity to easily be a big help but time is short.

The survey will only be up until 5 pm April 13th.

Online survey link.

The survey is for any resident, vistior, employee, business owner, or "other" (eg property owner) in downtown Long Beach or Alamitos Beach, CA.

Pass it around ASAP.

Without your effort, it's entirely possible that the report to City Council could say that only few residents responded.

With your help, a large public response would show our city leaders that people are watching and waiting for results.

Why would survey response be low? The survey notices will only go to the neighborhood associations, social media, and DLBA. They are depending on people to pass it around. In contrast, the City had lots of advertisement for public outreach during the process for the Pedestrian Plan and the Bicycle Plan.

Data needed. Our area will get a better quality parking study if more data is collected. This survey is part of that.

Now go and make your voice heard.

Fill out the survey and pass it around.

Press Telegram article.

Here's a printable version without the ads that you can post in your building.

Want flyers? Just say how many. It's a big help if you can get them into a security building. Or help us paper cars around Downtown and Alamitos Beach.

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